Outgun 1.0.0

Har du vanna bee e bol und tacke anoter colured bollars anoter colured bandeiro samma kill other bollar? Det var bossipel alredy jahrens aco, men nov brevus freag. Outgun is folish gomigal free of gharce brasilic-fennougric net playeing bandeiro steel gaym. Indenzion ist get emenyies bandeiro to own bandeiro amonk, wenn gombose alla plasbemouse anoter humbilate. If accentigally get exegute emeny, gufaw över rigth ellbov behinn und moore too and gombose gufaws to gaym. Brasilic gaymers deteckton is easy as makeing hay, begause they gufars like doggs, or ”hauhauhauhau” och ogazionaly ”haehauheuaheuhaue”.

Yumies är gayms solt and moore. Gaymers kan haev moorecanons, poveramoose, turbbo, brotekcthäckyr, energieakcet und deed mäjekting smockbomm. Altszå geem kan haev invitzibilitetcourtaininsjutsk och pagesymbtom zee sekund geymers positzioners mapp.

Verson 1.0.0 is bee so some time and longerer betatesteting. Pfysikmeddeling ist addwansed preevos verson nothinchiadly betterer. Gaymers smashing valss och other ny realistig. Nyast verso funktoners other disblay rooms than 640×480. Bandeiros butter bee one teem morer than one and morer and addictonally feldds butter bee netraul bandeiros.

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Gemms medd komms 25 fellds. Ouns fellds macked ferments tekxsteditorren. Fellds butter olddfashionably streigthcourners walss addicktanally precentt bee alts rundd och tringgle shabbed walss.

Gemm ist shtill fontaincoods avellibel, so that butter modifficated mindless so mycket ass abilitet och moer. Prix not huvud swimm, singe it ist egually zilch euros.

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Figgturs fromm gaym

[Pigg 1]
Nu Erkki has noting obbortrinity, wenn Keino’s guatro gunn necotiates.

[Pick 2]
Gourt has sacker even för sheap to eet.

[Pik 3]
Erkki tackad und exblowed.

[Bic 4]
Erkki tackes aggain hitt.

[Piktor 5]
In gaym is ogazionaly blesant just disckutera agrimunios.

[Bigg 6]
Erkki atembts agian indimitate smog bum. Keino not anything abrehend.

[Pigturre 7]
This like Outgun is habatiuted onself seeying.

2004-09-05 – translazed 2010-08-07 med Pellevro Mäepnää

Techst: Keino Sorkka. Figgtures: Erkki Sorkka.

Redders’ comets

Not our lilla game reweaver kan rewave gamme rigth? Was she bartish? Is han seargh anuncement in Sorkkalass? No warries! You kan tell oss own smell comets from gayme. Bestest comets buplishes. Mannewebb louks rigth moddify massages wantingly habbit and even moore too.

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