Live for Speed

Live for Speed ist wat wunderbar automobill gaym, what ist longest timmest saw. 1960 capter noose draver leggend Artturi Sorkka taked hoars hoarns och draved cubel tusan thest lab.

Live for Speed is tree personnen makeded noose automobill gaym, that beet allt otters gayms und penssels going’s comming’s and liten otter too, ewen shep eat. Alltså that ist chep liek sasuge or att lest två sasuges.


Automobills hitas varje start und litel els. Demon versionen have tree streat automobills, witch one is poverfull frontpullande shitt, that drieving is easy as makeing hay. S2 versionen, witch payes 24 punds, hast vamoose moore automobills. That findas fromm S1 intimatte qardpullande turbine, frontpullande turbine, pear Gaterham cloons und alzo formule studentist automobill MRT5.

Ny S2 automobills ist tre GTR automobills, finska Raceabouttiarallaa, Borsche och Ferrari mongrell, Mini cloon and its tunad verson, tunad frontpullande shitt, formulio Renault likkadan und formel V8, that is gonventon formel Sorkkis (”jemmy”) automobill. Newestest novise ist BMW F1 automobill. Becouse old god timma F1 automobill miss, so mye favurit automobill is commen FZ50 GTR. It is naturalli brathe, butt hovewer there is sgueeze bressure indiegator.

Gaym mackers not be entredained kost exchpensiwe lisens phyments onnlie that becous, that automobills was get gorregt nayms, så onnlie tree automobills (MRT5, Raceabout und BMW) is rigth nayms, men otters ist rhegocnizied forepigtures. Keino gumplaned, that not gaym bee hiss faworit automobill, Mazda 323 of. Mee pulldad hiss muzzchle und exchplationared, that that godd gaym was probability payded femm moore. Speed-Sorkka’s naym gaym priset whould was alreddy dubble timmed.

Dammag meddeling ist ricenebely licht oat, butt automobill kan schtill drayw inkombetentt gonstitutonn ballustrades hiting. Is whit shaft panephull nilkkar lasst orbit automobill, that no kep whit någon stragth. Lyckad me not be fermented so. Tiyress is meddeled oncely wunderbarily. That heet and spennd exchaspheration becos of, and themm ewen kom lok bracking whorezontal ares. To myck heeted or spended tiyres kan errubt.

Addjustemnent comonudity finnars, ewen shep eyt. Automobills buter adjoust alltskindd springy to whinges och chayngebocks to leawelingwhellie via there yuors here and liten elswhear. Nya drawers subort leerning firts drayw basig gomforming. Mykindd natur’s talentt kan allredy orbitt efter tunar automobill berfekt. Iff shelf is raindear tumph centrel metacarpus, no bee abel too bee tuna not aqcuintanse circus finnar rice enginer, kani nett laddar tunas, ewen sheps ayt. Keino gomblaned, that bowerfulest automobills not sthay hannds, butt spinnar esie. Me pullad him/her muchzzle and kommanded leern drayw.


Trag aeras is sex und neirly alla trags ist många versons. Aditonally is aggeleraton automobill trag, that ist mundann as paintting dry, barking lotts, that kan itself nock off smoll trag, and alzo pley aera. One trags ist owall, butt that driveing gos hedd cyckel. Not me is driven rigth life owalls that efter, wenn runn defate Indy 500 Gombetion i 1970. Midleway I putt prick wall to vabuor pedle and toke huor lumber. That gombetion affter not I gould weak wank erekt.

Trags are gomonly tacken gansga shortt – longst ist 8.8 kilometric Åstonn Großer Preis. Hopfuly lastest to S3 make somting över 20 kilumeteors tragg. I komm ihåg livly, wenn undrad first i värld sex minuttons in Nürburgring Jahr 1979. Englander Blackwod is drivean ewery verson. It’s ist shortt tragg, that gorners are few bouring und slough, butt hillyes are guite nisely. There is också rallyegross tragg. Jamaigan Fern Hay’s långst versons gontans and slough that guick gorners und there is enjyoble drive guick gar. There hitas even två rallyegross tragg. Englander South Park City är gatutragg – even kansga guick that. There kan eguivogate fenses grash drivors.

In Englander logatet Westhill is filed guick und driving gorners, that glaims enurmos precizione och god egulibrum from gar. Traggs först gorner ist ”indissgriminant”, and there cann allwayes drive languge midel mout. Bypassing ist resonabelly difygult. Jabansk Kyoto ovale is bouring, men long verson serwes nise gorners. In nazional verson drivyes allmost hela ovale und attidionally traggs inpartt. Englander Åstonn’s långast versons are as a mother of fact longg gomplettely drivande partts och mutch blink-blink in hilly being gorner gompinazion, that jag studerade drivying berfegtly bath wisk segond revoluzion.


Gombutor’s draywed automobills are shaft femme schumacherrs. Them not sea homongaymers, butt thurns unsorowly bakon, hitad arse och drawe otter wey så, that rhight lafe thay goat berpetualy rice embargho or lounger. Alongaym buter so unbeklommenheit leaft onlie circules und automobills agchuintanscement och tunar.

Oberatonal neat gaym is Live for Speed’s subort legg and hannd. That ist that thig, that whye this gaym üblicherweise gaymed. Shabed rices wisits homongaymers meddel nett. Demon sewers bee ouwn reading, men S2 sewers wedgers, zusammenstossen und otter morgon drawers shane avey being. Dubel figth buter enthrust that, that otter drawer be brayns. Timme många drawed enywhey submitt drawering alltso thexckst massages och somm axe somthin stupyd rice drawering drawers.

Pubic sewers drawed usaly abbot fem circus metters rices, that sturdy bellow diez minutos abbot pigg qvalitet eggsalty eller liten. Tem fitts Keino’s maners amatörs, that not now switch hannd brack pushed. Vi staring well hannd burned broffesonnals agen fitts bettre whore sesons or ewean turnn sesons lasted rices, wear drawer kann needed chaynge.

Ich driven jahr 1972 Le Manse’s 24 whore rice along paint handlar allt shelf bitt vissits not ewean tyred nån. Shelf matre hyrried stairght prisen sharring tryathlon rice 50 killometters heed runned – bogal airmbitt. Wash så hairy, not macked ewean glotes chaynge, så pulld alltså tryathlon trogh draw hallars und shoss och ewean hemlet hedd. Onlye naturell Selbsbeschränkung blockats meantioning, that taked dubbel viktorry nya erth grund reckord.

Keino jercked, that not theese gaym be even webbons, so theese is guite shitt. I bulled himm snuot und exblannad, that not automobill gombetions plugg – not even too els gombetionars. Plugging automobilling not ist yet disgover. That kidnay gonnseguentily drivs bye automobill to plugging aera, när pluggar to fem tablar, und regontineu resan. Missings comm bunisment runds.


Keino derised undubbetly drive gombetion my aganst. I resoolved sam way shalence hela Playhoof poppolation. Wee ordinated Westhill’s trag 200 runds gombetion. I yeild boies few bossipilityies, so not I drive sboradics at any. As mother of fagt not I been at even least see abbrobiate trag, befour like was gombetion’s beggin greed – sist damond.

Halve rund efter I was yet peek und haulled steedy that kind fem segunds guigger runds like els. Manne, Seppo, Erkki och Pekka has drivein in formula Sorkkis, so them being front hit stazion to els seing – eggsebt min naturalli. Gombetion’s halve gapp I passed in shitt, becouse I gomanded yet över sex runds. Eventally I anihillated tenn runds and moore too und gonfirm being steel världs bestest drivor, even sheep eet.

Tits Live for Speed oun hempagans.



Figurazionarna fröm dalliance

[pig 1]
Frontt beeing spinnande och positonn goeing passt, that that shep poppars.

[pig 2]
Licke tree berrs: twå blakkies och uno bollock.

[pig 3]
Fairy soschitty flok. Giv baddy changge: drayv him/her agents formul V8 with.

[pig 4]
Tittar starring well positron. Hear no kan wisit godd.

[pig 5]
Åstonn’s circuss beast carner. Ny beeing whole and dirreckton ist onnlie upheady.

[pig 6]
To kan doo bee niche trie heady avay that automobil.

[pig 7]
Blackwod’s firts gorner is allwayes one spännandeous, somtimes not.

[pig 8]
Agayn somone shagy is draved shandd Westhill’s sekund gorner.

[pig 9]
Fern Hay in circus owers shelf briged.

[pig 10]
Gombattel in Kyoto.

[pig 11]
Wenn Minies driveing, so seet metall tinn plate is aforddabel like brattwurz.

[pig 12]
Mini’s airdynamite warants that that that cann driv in rouf too.

[pig 13]
Baddely beheaving drivers putts deap frizer.

[pig 14]
Be it ornthologgist? Be it segelflugzeug glider? Not, it ist glidding automobill.

[pig 15]
Is theese Flyght Stimulilator? Not, theese is Live for Speed. ”Goud vöyaggers. We sinck to Blackwod too threa segond hense.”

2005-08-16 – tranzlatet 2010-05-23 om Pellevro Mäepnää

Thekxst: Artturi Sorkka. Figgurazions: Erkki Sorkka och Artturi Sorkka.

Ridders’ gomets för Live for Speed

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