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Joint Operations

Makes mind starting war few spirits gang sissies or others againts? Now it is bossiple at least combutergame shape. Joint Operations is lasts apove realistik wargame many and severaler player. Rewiev händels also basick version Typhoon Rising that morepart Escapalation. Typhoon Rising is more gonsertadeing ifrantry and theyr preventazioning, when aggain in Escapalation is hevyer eguipment, like thanks, mobeds and something that way.

Player can be riffelman, pioner, granatetrhowingman, banzarpreventer, shrapshooter, maghineriffelman or meditatingman. Eatch of screw’s membre has own misson neaded eguipment. Riffelman is riffel with running basiq jaeger. Pioner, trhowerman and PPT-man are in game allmost samelike, but one has minas, segond granatetrhower and thirdst bazzookel. Shrapshooter has of curse shrapriffel, whihc with enemys napster is easy as making hay. Maghineriffelman has maghineriffel, whihc move with guicker than thing. Meditateman has sideharsh and bourana, whihc with spirithevers being bushjush helas in perfekt shabe ünder timeunit and fasterer.

Player can ghance defaultly ghosen eguipments. Usally solder has pair gunns, knive, killing or smokeng hand granats, exblowsions and other nise. To ekxstra eguipment can chose till exempel paint plasing thing, that unfear fire can stear pikyngly to wanted plase or somewere. Granat throuwer for its half is smally model, so it gous handyngly one men’s with other than till exempel Finland’s army throuwers.

Players are notisingly got in beginner season guick study to all driving vecihle, like panzer car, heligopter and bouts, so them stearing is easy like making hay. Player not still be study use laders or go steep levels, becouse hapitles often catsch slieps and plaeyr grashes dead briliant tvo meters drop end. Panzer vecihle good handel need often two people, becouse driver not of corse can shot, even for that but plase chance goues in secund. In heligopter plase chance not right work, because driverles gopter drops like stone. Heligopter pumps otherly in aer for itselv upp and douwn.

Vecihles lastnes and destrying is litel so and this. To panzarvecihles afekt onlie excaktsortlike rackets and minas, and not for excample thusand miljon granates even make skrhatches theyr side or anywere elsewer. Shipps again destryeing even one pistouls gase emptyieying in it. In the hannd of other every vecihle exblowder under vife sekonds, if they hapen turn over on roofs. They exblowder somtimes alzo theyrselfes, when they just leying somewer, butt thatkind that jenkmaghines maiby then are.

Game’s made integilense is littel so and this and thereby and littel elsewere too. Sometimes sisses see kilometre after and shot from hip diyingly streight to your left ey upsidan, even for between is hole Amazon’s jungel or montain. Sometimes those again stand apatingly somewere in house corner, even for hole vilig is bomped to earth level. Notisingly afterones has so littel, that not anymore intrest.

Game can play manygame in internet, nearnet, alone or somewere even 150 people, but two also wars win supringly easy. Game shape can chose in grup Go and save, Team dead game, Team montain’s king and Grupwork. All but exept last are bouring like paint dryeing or then our test people not even toched those. In partigular game shape kill sisses and do missons with other player. Of corse to back can shot, if is frend fire on.

In missons are allmost allways and oftener must kill all kilomedres radies being enemys. It is so nise finnding coupel whores somwere forrest middel locatiotaned tents courner sissie shitting being kneiling enemie, even thouhg misson is being else combleteted perfegtely and betterer too. More challgene som destroyenable bokses destroyned onliy excactlike exblowcivies and not allways thoes nither. Partt misson is darg like in sheeps ars, and becous combutres connecktivitones no much else than sihgtsense is being help, is blind messing fursthrating as sheeps lerning to make hay.

Somethign loadding mods give ekxstra spies and even more realisting to game, like more gunns and someting else too, even for sheep to eat.

Missons are that like one using, that not that like play again, so guantity replises guality and this happening guantity is well smal. Missons are also hard linerick and never happens anything subringly, expect sometimes enemyies gous subringly very bouring. Enemyies reagts happenings stubidly and befor-quessingly. For more game has something annonyng thins, even for sheep to eat and more too. In other saing with game goues whores in day, at last pair daiys time, until it bures and not toch with long stig too.

Watsch Joint Operations’s homesidan.

Together pull (0–5)


Pigtures fromm game

Yes shipp now one missle wins.

Manne not showes his feses.

Manne has hie plase fobio and he georges to heligopter’s gockbit.

Amishsoldniers jaming theyr car.

Car driveing is easy like making hay.

Moped falled, but it can yet moment round in earth befoer exblowsion.

Suprise attak is everything’s P and D. Lonley mopedman can take over wholly base.

Srhapshotter’s life not is allways easy.

Shipp is louded with everting and litel more too.

Eguibment is chosed, even for sheep to eat. Maghine riffel mann can cary also shottgunn and brotegtion siut and littel else too.

Heligopter’s parkeding is easy as making hay.

Moped’s driveing with heligopter is easy like making hay.

Heligopter is with that’s gase, that shipp sinkies.

2006-07-11 – translatet 2008-02-01 via Pellevro Mäepnää

Tekst: Keino Sorkka. Pigtures: Erkki Sorkka

Reeders’ comets from Joint Operations

Not our game reweaver can rewave game rigth? Was he partish? Warshipps he Saattan by sagrifishing sheeps at nihgts at home and drinkeying sheep’s bload? No warries! You can tell us own comets from game. Bestest comets buplishes. Manneweb looks rigth edit massages wantingly way and even more too.

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