F1 2010

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Gaym mottor

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Outfitt och audi

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Vat left hannd?

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I’m afraid that I was very, very drunk.

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Pigturres från gaym

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[Pigturre 1]
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[Pigturre 2]
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[Pigturre 3]
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[Pigturre 4]
Is these Flyigth Stimulattor? Nein, that ist F1 2010. ”Nise voyggers. We desgent till Silberstein aeriodromo eftär två segund ago.”

2010-10-09 – tranzlatte 2010-11-21 von Pellevro Mäepnää

Lirygs et pigturres: Keino Sorkka.

Raiders’ comets

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