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Duke Nukem 3D

Duke Nukem 3D is legendar unknow gaym ten years behind and litel behinder. Gayms idea is runn lång and altså boys different and sammantal cityview and little otherplace. Beatween gaymer run pull toiletdrum and see ugly fece mirror. Then now and othertime gaymchacrater throws air mohave sutcer someplace wonderous strangely thing or something, like cake peaces och shitpapans.

Enomies are ekxtraordinarry from spase or somthing teleportals via droppande mutantated pigs, listards und tigars or somthing. In mixture flasses also green slimlacker, fliyng fattande och minar and thouse your these and liten annorlunda, even for sheep to eat pipebum.

Vepponslecton is headdizzer och our testpersonnen witch feint belly litel gap new veppon gotter. Medigethon moring he enyvay stayd wake somtimme litel sideefecten. Gaym is whit every streatstepper famylier pistol, treepiped maghineriffel, shogun, bazzook und roghetthrwover yuors other niece. Gayms strong veppon iz undenably dubbelkikker, wehn booth feat kikker sammatimme and its that niece.

Relis efter fuzz is litel lamer, så gaym kan crap someplace spezielshopp, there yuors here eller otherplase. Gaym no kann rekommendera nobodie, som affreid orans spaisgretures or cornery valls. Other can witouth undisgharged och even disgharged med enjoe mycke crinning und perkel shoething, ven piljon grean slaimnuljar kaptur gaymer feces och deglar det cellfish nateon and self feces kikker is onlie sollution.


To Duke Nukem is maid exstrapart, if sekond. Bigest part unofecial exstrapart is garantee shit, men med fit somely gamely tuuning.

Plutonium Pack

Only offiziale exstrapart Plutonium Pack publikar axidentally already year 1996. It contins forth episod name The Birth (Bird). Spase ottymonkeys are comm back new kompis med, and här Duke’s hollidys burn. Plutonium Pakc sell and may stil sell togetter undividabal packet originale game with name Atomig Edition.

Duke it out in D.C.

Duke it out in D.C. contins one ten field episod. Unistates president Bill Glinton is napped, but Duke Nukem sent still save her. Duke adveducts in natur schientifig museoum, sinkboat and somwere else too.


ADG is free fife guite shortt field episod. In wolrd is all again to helle, so Duke’s mison is fikx all und lite else. Greator devil has not bottered put field enouh start platsar go-operativ game for, so fields måste self modifikkar.

The Gate

In gate Duke hunttar ockymonkeys in hotell, harpun, somwere ars and montanous. Enything else I dont’ unfortantly rimember – I was so amount piss. Be wort hovewer dry, before like sheep esgape.

Duke Nukem Forever

Duke Nukem Forever is soon publisied ekxtrapart, that works also intependet gaym.


To Duke Nukem is maid tuuning, not sekond och thurd. Pigest partt och assuming alltså rest getting tryeing olld gaym nev takcs und other. Impotentest tuuning is EDuke32, witch hellp gayming med Wincows and also gorrekt usagsystems is easy like haymaging. EDuke32 ofers också netplay bossipilitet, that originale Duke not bee. Hovewer that too worgs good like weal made sinksuit. Abrobrite tuuning altzo betterers grafik and all else too ski and sheep beatveen, even for sheep to eat.

Togetter bull (0–5)


Pigtures fromm game

Förbidden video sop.

In dark is burning sheep.

Every boy no has samkind beingroom than Manne.

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Duke haas hayri hand.

Enemy kills centtre songg.

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2008-01-26 – translatet 2008-12-01 av Pellevro Mäepnää

Tegst: Keino Sorkka. Pigtures Erkki Sorkka

Reeders’ comets from Duke Nukem

Not our game reweaver can rewave game rigth? Was he partish? Is he eet pipebum and green lack? No warries! You can tell us own comets from game. Bestest coments buplishes. Manneweb looks rigth edit massages wantingly way and even more too.

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