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Frying stake

Stake has long history. Already ancient cavemen ate mammut stakes. Nowdays mammut meat is under rock and rock is lost too, so must have something else meat. Stake frying is here going our made foods all most demanding, so is impotent, that you follow directions absolutely accuraly.

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Hot frying pan on disc totally hell hot. If your oven disc not hot hell, leave stake frying succesfully to professionals and go bying shop even kilo turnips. Add grease to pan and wait, that that becomes brown. Read even that time something good book.

When smoke smell arriwes your nostrils, run busily to kitchen. Take frying pan busily to dish pool and spill there cold water. Now your frying pan is certainly screwed and bended, even for that else would make hotness integre. Try yet hit with hammer pan’s bottom straight, even that that is world’s most useless work. Break finally pan’s surface, if you have surfaced pan. Broken pan is also powerfull weapon against burglar robber – that gets almost self prison sentence. Don’t so hold pan yourself, but give it even to your mother in wall.

Go bying from shop new frying pan. Byu black. Put new pan to closet and take there 13 years old spare frying pan, that belongs every home. If oven disc not have yet broken, even that that is glown red already probaply hour, continue stake frying. Hot frying pan red glowing and add there grease.

When grease starts spill to eyes, go shop bying stake. You should bye possibly excpencive stake. Inside file is excpenciver than outside file and cow is excpensiver than pig. This can fast think, that should byu chicken hart. Wrong thought. You should byi good cow’s inside file stake. Byu most biggest stake, what shop finds. Good stake searching you can think, why all peaple are different exept you.

In kitchen is again hell loose. Smoke is every side and grease has burnt to pan stuck. Pan’s plastick handle is also smelted cut – exept, if pan not had handle or handle not was plastick. Now we get to this guide’s brilliantest part. Because on disc was everold spare pan, brand new, in closet being your pan not went broken immediatly first usage time.

Spare frying pan can yet save turning off disc and leaving pan there. This by pan cools slow and not bend unshaped. Now is by the way busy, so throw pan to backyard for unalarmed kids’ suprise. Disc is probaply guite hot, if oven not been yet broken. Put brandt new friying pan on disc and wait, that that hots hell hot. Add grease to pan. Grease spills start soon after hot your face.

Put stake on pan and fryi that that long, that that is bottom finished. Turn over stake and fryi that long, that stake is whole finished. If you want raw stake and not finished, fryi that that long, that that is raw. Stake frying you can think, why MD-11 flys higher that Pendolino. Spice stake all possible spices – before all peppers. Some hit stake before frying with big hammer, but that is as usefull as socks eating.

Enjoy stake till excample with freeze peas. Pull stake to your face and peas to your nose. Night hot oven disc ignites at last disc next being economy paper roll, where fire excpands to cut board and knife fixture to closeting. Working level flyed firestone ignites kitchen garpet and that way food table. Fire commun comes morning night turn off glowing coal heap, that once was house.

2003-11-27 Manne Sorkka and Taito Sorkka

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