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Boiling spagetti

This guide reguires, that you can yet boil water. If you not yet can water boiling skill, go citisen school asking water boiling course for newhelpless. Coffey boiling skill not pass.

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Put three litre cattle full of water. You can use also five litre cattle, but put then water five litres. If you have something else size cattle, you can not boil with it spagetti. Some add in this phase water also oil, but oil is mean only to motors, axels and apparatuses – not food. Put cattle middle of boiling disc, and put disc full. In this phase you can do something usefull, like watch televison.

One hour half water has boiled away. Fill cattle again and stay this time guarding, that moped not escapes from hands. If you not have moped, car or cykel is like as good.

When water boild, is time to add salt to water. Turn that much salt, that water’s colour changes to near white. This phase is recomended to go shop bying spagetti, macaroni, pasta or what differnet names that same food has. Your shop trip’s lenght depending cattle may be back coming empty. Don’t still stay wondering, who has stolen all water, but fill cattle again and boil water.

Water boiling at least and least add again salt. Add now to back spagetti, macaroni, pasta or what you now then have, to water. Needed amount is easy to think. Fist rule is, that one piece of food you need spagetti like as much as one piece of food. If you are comma fucker and want more presis result, get letter puntar and weigh spagetti by milligrammes. Also sidecutters are in this moment usefull, because them you can cut spagettis presis same length.

Now boiling water is in cattle with salt and spagetti. From this starts most hard phase. Mix spagetti about half minute, until it softs and sinks wholey under water. Don’t scare – it not drow there. Leave spagetti its own luck over guarter, and take sleep.

Wake up two hours after to fire alarms screaming. Spagetti has burned so tigt close to cattle, that you can throw same way whol cattle to carbage. Even Erkki not get spagetti from cattle – or even eat it. If oven works yet, you can continue playing with new cattle.

Boil water, add salt and spagetti, mix and wait guarter. You can during waiting think, how high worm jumps, if it has foot. Spagetti is now ready to eat. Turn spagetti thrugh filter. It not of course goes there thrugh, until you not have somethingh miracle bighole or else just broken filter. Despite that water drops thrugh filter and excpands to floor. Use next time disk pool.

Drop too much water away from spagetti. Mix fisting butter to spagetti. Turn spagetti to plate. Should probaply made something else food like only spagetti. Not helps crying in markets. Turn on spagetti half can ketsup, so it has some taste. Eat spagetti grinning. Turn off oven’s disc after half hour.

2003-06-24 Manne Sorkka and Taito Sorkka

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