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Boiling rice

This guide reguires, that you can yet boil water. If you not yet can water boiling skill, go citisen school asking water boiling course for newhelpless. Coffey boiling skill not pass.

Incredits (one piece of food)



Put three litres water to cattle and cattle to disc. Put disc full and go doing something completly different. Return in hour after, when half of water has boiled away. Fill cattle again and guard this time next to, until water boils. Count even kitchen’s wallpanels while you are waiting. If you not have panels, count even roofwoods or flyshits on the walls.

More salt. Couple three desilitres is alredy way much. This phase visit byuing shop rise. Byu something sheep rise, because all rise is even samekind. Coming back shop full kattle after water and wait, that it boiling. If shops are already stuck and home not have rise, go beg that for neibhgours. If even they no have rice, throw rock or stone window in and yell after: ”Keep devil your pump!”

This phase you realisze, that rise here boiling and not nothing spagetti. Spill so water away from cattle. Spill cattle bottom rise (so inside) water even that four desilitres.

When water at least boiling, more soul already giveth guide along. Needed rise amount get formula Vr = 0,437Vvln(py²), where Vv is yours useded water volume. We use by the way simpleryzity for formule Vr = ½Vv. If you not care formule, so spill rise that amount, that cattle bottom covers. Cover cattle with cover.

Someone spill rise fillter before usega, that so all world’s rubbish go away. That is even as usefull as car’s washing slush road conditions. Flyies, shitbugs och small stones or rocks bring only taste food.

Vife minutes after let water is boiled over and rice broken mush and burning cattle bottom. Spill murhn garbage or feed dogs or kids. Cattle bottom burned rise can you scrap away some sharp object, that also scrub cattle bottom.

Put cattle disk, that now already probaply glow red. Spill cattle same amount water that last try. Water boiling probaply already minute after. Setup this time disk smaller, like one. More rice same amount that last try. Look clock and stick time memory.

Rise is ready about five minutes after before that smoke starts rising. Think here phase, would be rise with should profitable make something else food too. Only rise eating is boring that paint driyng, so eat only half rise. Give rest dog, that not that really eat or if eats, so throw up that livingroom garpeth, or kids, that not always that eat or if eat, that not that much.

Now you can boil rise like starter at bestest.

2003-06-23 Manne Sorkka and Taito Sorkka

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