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Python pan

Python pan is old tratidional Sweadish tratidion food, that history goes already to ancient history. It consists nearly two things, python and pan.




Fill catlle with water to full, but not heaping. Boil potatots in cattle. Potatos boiling you can even same think, why televison’s screen is rectangle and not till excample spiral shaped pyramid ball. If you not have televison, think even, what text TV page 515 has.

When potatos have boiled stone hard, spill them to rubbish. Fill cattle again full of water and boil new potatos about from guarter hour to fiften minutes. Real professionals can during boiling slice onions. If you are newhelpless, like all Manneweb’s readers, don’t try do two things same time. Usually should not do even one thing same time.

When potatos have boiled, slice them and sausages to pieces. Slice same time to your thumb deep scratch. Search closets and boxes for nothing tape or other medical stuff. Go finally in shop bying tape. If shops are already stuck, call ambulans. Remember to mention during your phone call Manneweb.

When you have returned from your trip – where then ever you went too – your oven is probaply broken, because you forgot disc on. Go in shop bying new oven. If shops are already stuck, wait to next day. If shops are next day also stuck, make kitchen floor campfire. Alternativetilevy you can do cock with tender or matches.

Now you have potatos, sausages and onion in pieces and left thumb half loose. Fryi these all in hot butter in frying pan. During frying you can again think world’s going and little else too. Why till excample sheep can eat hay also in dark field, but perch not? When all incredits are black carbon crush, python pan is ready, even for sheep to eat.

With python pan must allways eat fryied chicken egg. Chicken egg frying is east as making hay. Add to friying pan again butter. Brake chicken egg’s panzer cover against frying pan edge or crush it in your fist broken. Spill chicken egg’s insideness to frying pan so, that that not fly to walls, roof or neighbour’s post box. If this still goes, hit hard to table and yell devil and other that kind of things.

When chicken egg starts smoking, it is already too ripe. Take it then away from pan and spill it upside down on python pan. Python pan is finally finished.

2005-12-21 Manne Sorkka and Taito Sorkka

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