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Popcorn that is pop corn is old invent. Already ancient indians thousands years ago popped corn. Popcorn making is as easy as making hay – even now time human can do that.




Put cattle to fire and spill there grease that much, that bottom covers. Remember, that you not use plastic or cardboardic cattle. Throw along pair corn grans. Now not can else than wait moon rising. You can same think, why bat can fly dark, but frog not.

When cattle being pioneer grans are exblowded, spill there that great cent level corn grans. That creates excacle hit group. Level high you can meter even ruler. Plastic ruler goes very splendidly, because that smelts cattle and so popcorn gets nice cover.

Cover cattle with cattle can, so popping corn grans not get escape. Popping stargin takes there so about 30 seconds to half minute. Waiting time you can use even hay making. Corn grans popping shake cattle so earth completely. When popping is finished, popcorn is probaply rised particulary cattle’s outside.

Popcorn is that splendid food, that that borns allways more, than what cattle fits. Till excample five litres cattle get five and half litres popcorn. Remember, that one human being can eat averageily four litres popcorn on one go – on two goes of course eight litres. Burn at last pair corn to disc stuck.

Put to popcorn many food spoons salt. Some want cover their corn cheese. Throw wanted kilo emmental piece to corn. Spill popcorn to service cup and eat that.

2003-09-05 Manne Sorkka and Taito Sorkka

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