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Pitza is Italian invent. It is round pancake, that on is usually everything good stuff, like meat and cheese. Pitzerias get often very good pitza, but if you like much worser pitza almost same prize, make your own pitza with Manne’s help.

Incredits (one piece of food)



Put oven warming 250 degrees. If you want burned pitza, warm oven 300 degrees. Warming lasts great amount from guarter to fiften minutes. Waiting time you can use something usefull. You can till excample count in your head, how much is 1,246 times 43,254,345.

Three hours after kitchen is already 36 degrees warm. Go this phace shop bying pitza. Pitzas find shop’s freeze department – same place where ice creams, freeze vegetables and other that that kinds. If shop not have freeze department, you are in wrong shop.

If shops are stuck and not you bother wait them opening, you can make pitza self, because pitza making is easy as making hay. You need that first too pitza bottom, that get in shops. Freeze model pitza fits by the way as good couple shoe bottom. Bottom that is pitzabottom on you can put, what ever you want – or then be not putting. Usually on pitza use meat different shapes, cheese, tomat and other vegetables, cheese, mushroms, cheese, fruits and all world sea livings.

Now kitchen is hell hot and oven yet hotter. Put pitza fryi plate and plate to oven. If you want burn pitza bottom, but leave surface raw, put plate to oven down level. If again you want burn surface and leave bottom raw, put plate up level. If you want burn pitza all over, plate can put middle oven. Go now even yard to take sun. You can same count, how many combinations before listed incredits get on pitza.

Hour later burn smell start smell already yard ago. Pitza has become total black and so hard, that that can kill someone. Put so pitza safe later use for.

Make new pitza last directions along. Oven stays right temperature and kitchen temperature may be already risen over 40 degrees. Put new pitza oven and stay this time guard situation. Pitza fryies ready in fiften minutes. That when you can even think, why clock table’s number 12 is up and not down.

Pitza is now ready eating. Take pitza out oven and it that. If pitza tastes more cardboard or shoe bottom than pitza, put that over many ketsup.

2003-07-15 Manne Sorkka and Taito Sorkka

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