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Pea soap

Pea soap is from peas made soap. Different pea soaps are unreadable amounts and more too. Till excample Finland’s army’s pea soap’s land mark is often that that that lacks peas.

We have got many barks for that, that we have adviced mainley readyfoods making. Now thing is repaired and we tell from root, how make good pea soap, even for sheep to eat.




Pea soap making is slow job. It starts peas bying. Peas are many different speciments and couple else too, but green and round peas are best. Byu ten kilos peas and more too. Seed peas spring to good ground. If you not have good ground, seed them to bad ground. With pea soap eat usually ryie bread, so get somewhere 50 kilos ryie. Seed ryie seeds on field in spring. If you not have field, seed seeds to your neighbour’s field.

End summer peas are finished, so you get grab them to safe. Most easiest grab method is to swing them with scythe peas bodyies and after then grab them to big heap. Peas grwo in small packages, that calls pieces. One piece of pea soap you need half litres peas.

In autumn you get swing ryie. With skythe swingin is easy as making hay. You can also ask neighbour’s tractor to borrow or simply just take it. In night is best to go thresh, so your neigbour not notice anything. Differ grans from akans. Grind grans to pulver – here you can use help nowtechnick that is mortar.

Take peas away from pieces to some bigger dish. If you are busy or else just stupid, you can leave peas to pieces and even pieces to bodyies – to stuff they still bash. Take also in peas being maggots with, because they give taste otherwise so boring tasting peas. Peas you know thaste to end of ends boring as paint drying, even for sheep to eat.

Add to dish water and give peas to water couple days. Add there meat, till excample pig meat, that Christmas turkey is probaply left safe. Add salt just about half litres. Mix mix couple day and night, until you get synovial bursa infection or pair.

Turn to cattle wanted amount of pea soap beginning. Add water, if stuff is not enough watered. Give pea soap boil full power so long, that it burns to bottom, or longer too.

That time, when pea soap boils bottom, you can make ryie bread. Mix small amount of ryie pulver to hand warm water. If you have no hands, foot warm water goes too so like and worser. Add also milk or peam. Give mix to acid over night under scarf. Turn mix to floor couple time in night time, when you fo to toilet or washing your car.

Add rest pulvers, hive, salt and lost sheep. Bake breads. Baking we not now care to bend in iron rope. To pine it still goes, gurantee it at least burning breads in oven black. Bread’s frying temperature is 275 °C and frying time 12 minutes. For beginners reccomends 50 °C and 6 hours. Half way frying should drop breads to oven’s bottom and floor and take them back hands burning. If you are very skilled baker, your breads exblow in oven with loud bang with messing samehow oven in beatiful cover.

Pea soap eat traditionality spoon, but if you have taken this advise to its comma and more, even for sheep to eat, you need probaply knife – axe not may be harmful too. Remember let part of pea gas loudly out, so you not exblow.

2005-11-03 Manne Sorkka and Taito Sorkka

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