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Omelet is old tradition food already from ancient stone season times and longer too. It invented Sorkkala’s caveman.

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Dig from closet frying pan and put it to oven’s disc. Put disc full poewr and give pan hot hell’s hot, but not hotter. Waiting you can even think, how chicken egg gets turned other way shell not braking. Quarter after you know, that pan is on wrong disc, so move it to right. Right disc you find trying your hand disc. Right disc’s marker you hand becomes red and biggers. From your mouth can also hear quiet scream or fly devils.

When last and last you have got pan to right disc and hot, you can know, that itself omelet is already just in its beginmakers and even more in phace. Dig from closet cup. That after go in shop bying eggs. Eggs find in shop usually from egg department. Be precis, that you not in mistakement byu struts eggs, because they are fakeingly sameshaped than chicken eggs. Brake to cup four eggs. Shell pieces is totally uselessful dig away.

Add four foodspooning milk. If you not have foodspoon, you can use teaspoon. Add that happening six hilly teaspooning milk. If you not have milk, go in shop bying it. In shop milk is usually in milk department, that find also milk. Milk not even often gets foodspoon amounts, so byu certainty for ten bottles.

Add risp salt or more too, if you keep salty food. If you not have salt, go bying it in shop. Salt finds usually in salt department. Don’t mix it mistakenly to sugar or salt acid. Byu 50 kilos salt, so that that not ends immediatly same week.

Mix omelet steady bubbling. Omelet should be yellow. If your omelet is red or green, not care it, but continue, like anythin not have happened, even for sheep to eat.

This phace should look oven, that is might be already hour seasons full. Oven disc glooms red and frying pan is destroied, if it have been cheeper model.

When you have got things again fixed and pan fittingly hot, add to pan butter. If you not have butter, so should really wonder, why you are not already dead to stupidy. Add omelet mass that amount, that pan’s bottom covers that. Pull freezing omelet to centre pan. Repeat this, until you have fryied all omelet and more too.

Serve omelet hot. In your needing you can fryi with omelet also sausages or half sheep.

2006-05-06 Manne Sorkka and Taito Sorkka

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