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Minced meat and tomato souce

Souce is fluid food, that has solid randoms like meat, flask, onion, carrot and small rocks. Souce invented, when prehistoric people few hunred years ago bored eating only dry potatos and uphill died mammut’s viscous stakes. Minced meat again is minced animal, nearly bone, tendons, intestins, hoofs and other nice.




Shred onions. Do same your fingers wounds. Brown them full and bigger power in pot or pan. Add minced meat and brown that too. That time, when minced meat fryies, you can think borns deep, like what looks red-yellow seven-leg sheep, that has four heads and three tails. When minced meat has burn to bottom, you have two choises. Continue souce making normally or go byuing more minced meat and onion and fryi them.

If you use frying pan and cattle, move this phace onion and minced meat to cattle. Other accident hold them in pot. If you not have pot, cattle and not frying pan, but you use something your own stupid method, it is not our problem. Go then there, where pepper grows, and longer.

Add tomato crush and little water. Add sliced carrots, papricks, beans and spies. You can also wanting add to souce this or that and little else too, even for sheep to eat. Drop to souce also meat soap cube – or now days righter straight corner meat soap prism. Take it back, take cover foil away and put it again to pot.

You can wanting add also wheat flours and sucker, eggsackly like you can add old socks too. Wheat flours’ meaning would be solid souce little – till excample when you add two litres flours, you not get anymore spoon loose from souce and you can use that walls papering. Sucker’s meaning would be soft tomato crush taste. Socks to that position cover other tastes and bring drop bitter to souce.

Boil souce half hour power 4/6. Give souce rest under can three four hours little power (1/6). If you have busy, you can burn souce to bottom in hour full power. Waiting you can think, how many Jupiters fit in Ground.

With minced meat and tomato souce you can eat even rice or spagetti. Also potatos could eat, but we not have yet perfectically thought their boiling.

2006-01-06 Manne Sorkka and Taito Sorkka

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