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Meetball is from meet made ballshapped objekt, that can eat. Meetball’s importantest incredit is meet. Second importantest incredit is ball.




Search closet too small cup, where meetball batter not fits. Mix corp flour to milk and give mix grow big. You can even waiting search net’s stupidest site or cut onions.

Add chicken egg, onion, minced meet, front finger and spies. To cup not of course fit just all, so spill overgoing meetball batter to floor and walls. If you think being very cleaver, dig from closet second cup, where batter fits.

Mix batter solid by fork. Fork is tecknikal cadget, that’s other head is spikes and other head not is. Spikeless fork, that fits expesially to kids and other way stupid, not is other head spikes. Mixing time you can make some other too, like even scarve from television remote control handy nosedigger.

When your hand starts gramp, you have mixed enough. Round wet hands from batter balls. If you not like balls, make cubes. If you not like cubes, make pyramids. If you not like pyramids ether, you are unimaginable poor and that much skillless, that should live foodmaking happily to nurses.

Hot frying pan almost hell’s hot. If you not have oven, go from shop bying it. Member, that oven not neseccarily fits to bying basket, so take sekert for car. Oven’s install is easy as making hay and suceeds certanly almost from your like pig, that has raindeer on middle hand.

When pan gous hot, add there fistly butter and start fry meetballs. You can handy eat ready meetballs direct from pan. If hungry not lives just meetballs, you can eat with them potatos or half sheep.

2006-04-04 Manne Sorkka and Taito Sorkka

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