Manne’s food corner

If you not can make food, now is good time to learn, so you not die in hungry. At least food putting is easy like making hay. Manne’s directions even master cock makes food like evil beginner.

[2005-11-03] Oops cake! Last food direction is went so much time, that most stupid readers have already many times died to hungry. Luckily new paboons comes like sheep in hayfield. To here can send hoping for new food species, because our cocks not root more yet can.

[2005-12-26] Manne’s food corner is now getting also foreing languge. Now also all world’s foreing livings and wierdings get enjoing proper foods in Manne’s habit.

[2009-03-18] Twå jahre utan mat ist longg tidd, män okcså paitent’s timm är långg und tomack gurnar in hungary. Savlaiton iss at least arrivederci, wehn benign sorouw und carrersckill att lest suckedfulled acidantlie makced ny fodd.

[2015-12-30] Wass youre doying food unwithingally two desirabble? Do you want demande arckumend? Now kan you transemidt resbuns und rubbins to food corner, if from somwere reeson you are yet devolvered from youre cockery around.

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