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Christmas ham

Christmas ham is great Finish tratidional food. Already ancient cave Fins in their campfire fires limits hunreds thousands years ago ate ham at Christmas. Now Fins eat every Christmas ham over 7 gigagrammes, what by the way means only just over kilo per rogue. Let’s put this year betterer and brake 10 Gg’s limit!




Ham making starts pig getting. Nearest pig farm should spring bye or borrow pig, that then whole summer grow. Pig grows bestest, when it feed many food. Pig eats nearest what anything and this or that, but not its food top quality still there limit, but it eats much else too. In Laihia use different method and pigs kicking excpands. So pig like bestest, should backyard make pig nest. If not want sagrifise own backyard to nest, can use neighbour’s backyard.

In autumn pig is hopefuly grown absolutely enourmously huge. Then it must get from life. Everyone can kill pig, so we not advice that that more. If some wierd reason pig growing not interest, you can get ready ham. Hams are two kinds, Finish and water hams. Water hams are usually from Danmark and their land mark is, that they shrink in oven to third part from original size. If so you find shop’s ham pool fittingly sized Danmark ham, take it to friend yet two same sizings.

Whe nyou have got ham away from pigs body, starts excacle Christmas ham making. Put ham in plastic bush and on ham plate. Spill on ham plate water that much, that that goes floor too pair litres. Put ham with its plate to oven, where is 250 degrees warm. If you want raw ham, skip this phace not doing and move direct to last part.

Half our after plastic bush exblowes, where borns funny sound. It knows also that, that oven get cleaned soon. Count oven’s temperature to 100 degrees. Ham’s frying time gets from function
t(m) = 4000m · s/kg. Till excample 150 kilos ham gets friyed that week amount. Also oven’s temperature affects to friying. If oven is 20-degree, ham frying get wait time or another too.

If you want be more precis that precis for ham friying, put temperature sensor to ham’s inside. When ham’s central temperature is 75,0 °C, ham is ready. Temperature should betterer be readed oven’s outside, else you must self fit in oven ham’s friend. Us professionals enoughs by the way finger touch for ham level notising.

Ham frying must guard whole time, so that nothing goes wrong. Guarding is as easy as making hay, even boring as paint drying. Ham watching you can think old chess board task. Board’s first square puts one ham. Next puts two hams. Next square comes hams allways two times more than before. How many hams comes total whole chess board?

When ham is finished, take it away from oven. Scrap ham skin away. Same goes away plastic bush, that is smelted skins stuck. Cover ham with senap and spill on diskette flours. To cover hold ham stuck, put ham for guarter to 200-degree oven. Cover betterers ham staying and makes that beutiful as turkey. You can so wanted put ham to closet waiting next Christmas and take there last Christmas friyed ham.

You can decorate ham with pimpernels, but they are so badly bad, that not bothers. As well you could put ham small stones. Ham eats usually cold, so put ham somewhere cool. Ham cooling you can think, how big chess board must be, so that all hams fit there.

Carry cold ham to table Christmas eve. If ham has been in oven enough long, it cuts itself itself. Eat ham with senap. Remember, that proper Christmas stomach growing you must east ham also nightly. Should make time table and put waking clock ringing four hours gaps.

2003-12-17 Manne Sorkka and Taito Sorkka

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