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Grilling has long tratitions. Already ancient cave people about two thousend years then grilled mammuts. Mammut meat not anymore get root anywhere, so now grills usually pig, cow, chicken or fish meat and sausages. Excpesially marined meat is handy, because it smokes most. Otherwise can use possiply greasy meat.




Grilling can have only coal or wooden grill. Gas and electronic grills not should use, because they not born enough smoke. Wood grill using is easy like making hay, so that not tells that more. We guide dispite that coal grill using.

Carry coal grill’s bottom grill coals. Coals are two types – badly flaming and inflaming. From bag comes firs about kilo coal pulver, until there bangs kilo wood. Turn coals half bottle flaming liguid or petrol. Drop it also yard boards and other people’s cloths. Give liguid suck guarter, and stick then whole corgeus on fire. Flames flaming you can even think, how neighbour’s pet could taste grilled.

When flames have gone away, is time to start grilling. Throw on grill sausages, meat or what ever you want eat. First should have set grill on grill. Burn bread can also grill. Stakes should remembor most impotent thing, that what greasy they are, that more borns smoke. Grill feet must reserve two times that how much want eat, because they drop at least half between grill.

Few minutes after sausages have excploded, so they is time to turn. Burn breads are ready, when they are both sides total black. Same is for of course sausages – exept, that sausages not can say having two sides. Chickens burning can last even fifteen minutes, so there should reserve many time and take work free too.

Stakes should hit with stick during grilling time, so smoke borns most possiply much. Grilling is succesfull only, when fire commun comes to place. Possipilityies can heal grilling after food yet few gum boot and car tyre. Perfect result gets, if succes to get polices visiting.

Grill’s temperature can check holding hand about ten cents high from coals. If in minute hand cams evil fire damage, grill is its best. This happens usually same moment, when all food is eated.

2003-08-31 Manne Sorkka and Taito Sorkka

Manneweb – Manne’s food corner