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Coffy boiling

Coffy is old traditonal drink already from ancient centuryies until. Ancient cave indianas drank morning coffy already hunrad thousands years then. To Finland coffy arrived in coffy packets.

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Add to pan five litres water. If your pan is smoll, all water not fits there, but part spills to floor or somewhere elsewhere. Put pan to oven disk, campfire or what devises now you want use. Put disk or firecamp full. Water boiling your waiting you can even think, how long sheep is wake up, if to that drinkens hunrad litres coffy.

Open coffy packet till exempel solder knife or hitting it to table corner, when big part reindeers flyies to floor or somewhere elsewhere. If you not have here phase coffy packettes, go bying theme from nearest or furthest butick or beg from neighbour. Coffy finds usually from some department. Make sure coffy reindeers’ freshnessess hitting yellow spin head driver through packet and pushing your nose inside.

When water boils and spills, add coffy reindeers to pan, filter pus or there where sun not shines hanging from your mind area. Fifteen spoonings is usually fitting amount. Spill for certainty also rest reindeers there. Give coffy boil that kind of three four hours. Add water always, when pan is emptyied. Here phase you can also think, why numbers begin from one and not till exempel three.

Serve coffy hot. Best coffy leaves spoon up, sometimes even hammes, when it is enough strong. You can wantingly add coffy milk, creme or half sheep.

2006-06-29 Manne Sorkka and Taito Sorkka

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