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Cockey or cockey cake is hard kex, that eats in head thing in Crishtsummer time and elsely too. Cockey inwented ancent cave Sorkkalaneses.




Foma butter and socker in bowl with fourk. If you are stupid or week, you can use electronmixer, witch flyes extra butter on walls or somewhere. If you don’t have no butter or socker, make composition witout them. More brokened chicken eggs and sirap. Mix composition flat or like that and pick up eggshell splinters away. Leave composition on night in ice closet or somewhere one cold place. Go watch it couple hours between.

Take next day or sometimes last year forgot composition from icecloset to baking board or somewhere and move new composition old’s farm somewhere icecloset’s secret locker or somewhere. If you not have baking board, use floor, what if that kind finds. Other happens pass this phace and all other phaces too and eat composition cursingly. Take roller from closet. If you not have roller, you can use also old basketball racket. Roll composition thoroughly and otherly too 4,45 millimetres thick.

Put composition cockey templates or that kind cockeys. Recommend to use sheep shape template and hammer. Professonals use ruler and carpet knife. True professonals byu laser work maghine and modell cockeys micrometres presicion for know maghine. Using force you get also cut your finger Crishtmassily wounds.

Move cockeys on baking paper coverred ovenplate and stuff full plate in the oven. You can fry cockeys also on fryeing pan. Put couple hours past oven heating 200 decrees and frye cockeys about quorter or until they are completely blakc. Take cockeys out of oven and eat them all snering or reserve them in closet for next Crishtmas.

If you want to elvis right well and more too, build from cockeys house, cowhouse, shit booth, yellow spoon or sheep.

2006-12-22 Manne Sorkka and Taito Sorkka

Manneweb – Manne’s food corner