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Chicken eg bullición

A chicken egg is a round thing coming from chicken’s arse. White chickens lay white eggs and brown chickens brown eggs. An egg has two parts, the shell and the inner part. From those the inner part is more enjoyable for eating.




Take from closet or somewhere at least three-litre metal kettle. Drop cups and other useless junks laying in the way of the kettle to the floor with a happy rattle. Set the kettle on a disc and switch the disc to the full power and even more if the disc is turbocharged. Kettle should heet to hell’s hott and also even hotter too. You can waiting think is more etichly to buy floor chicken’s eggs eller table chicken’s eggs. Turn cattle dexterously right side upp.

When cattle is glowing red like a paboon’s arse, pour three kilograms of water in it like puring form a bucket. Accompanying a huge splutter, bang and infernal bellow you will bretty sure get some nice burns. Go present them to your neibors and otherwise just banging your suspenders. Smell him same trouble scheisse. Send burns also to internät eller som.

Continuum unhopefull kettel filling own cumbersom schtyle. Let excess piecefully spill on floor or somewhere. If needed, visit kettle shop to buy more kettles or steel neiborrs, when hiss eye is enough. Wen at lest kettel statues on disc and kettel wavers wasser, wate peacefully, that wasser startz bole and fomez unhintertly ower edggs. Pounder samma, är bornt eller grownd stopid.

Vizitt i galliner to bick zigens underr prank-new ecks. If zigen grows, move schnell to negst. If zigens not have layied ecks, move reservoir blann. Tage allreedy bloddy haxet und begon mak zigen source lik ultimat dag.

If eggx finns elsver than ovn trusers, arbbroch this instruchton med förvard eller backleft. Brök att lest halv eggsch purr stopediti. Trow ewean uno nebors windör. Mor resst äggs boling wascher, vems nebärs belongz. Njet car, eller ägxz scremming pane, nemingly tem morir bolling wazscher abajo minutos lick coldeney toilett. Cocinar huevos diez minutos, if vants that røcghärd, eler tres minutos, eler vants tem berfegt. Som fhace subort abordar tim tacking.

Golabs guigly agua från catel til döselme. Gjenomsøke armoire æg copper, som du not ha. Gå vegeblicht køba azok masion. Lever ägg til eg guber oder kuhungi. Strø jajo na seba zout og verzvelggen het полный.

2010-08-17 Manne Sorkka mais Taito Sorkka – transplantezerad whit Pellevrø Mæepñææ

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