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Half-Life moddy:
Natural Selection

Naturallie is Half-Life’s ovners nannacandy. It’s no is not just ordeniary moddy, butt reall piggrallie. Speciebuggies againts maroons like piggs againts homons.

Piggs sea in eys ringes, that boint hom plase, pigg eller emenie and in wurry bieng frend. All’s begin is ”hive” or hiva, that is all’s impotentast dick, piggs’ cow. Animales are pasig pigg, gonduktor-Reymond, Batt-Petter, sirgel-Pete and arstiller-Mate.

Basiquepigg’s ayes is loqationed moth’s inside. It can glimb vals alogn and shott trainsmetterbugg in homon, and ten alla piggs sea it in its ayes. Rogermoore it is bitteatakk and jumbbitteatakk. Gonduktor-Reymond is impotentest basiquepigg’s efter, becouse it gondukts canoentowels and reshorsetowels and hivas. Batt-Petter and sirgel-Pete are totalie atakk mented enimals, so no those abuot that more. Arstiller-Mate is helvett’s bigg pigg, hose unter no wort steying. It destruktioner allas in front and unter and is totalie werylastly nate maroon’s cofeens. Glewerly hour testpersonen no manegeded than dye this’s med alla timme vhen get that kind in handes.

Martini is just normale gate egsblorer from tawn aerea. It has gharge riffel in begin and is weik like small warm, but it too slouver. Berryes brobose begin somone to comentant to comentant ball, exgept offten, when somone only runns there diregt. Here begins mandarins’ timperiud. Firts bild homons telebort aparattus and pellet storehouse filler maskin. Then all runn to dye.

Back kommen begin bild oter hogotings til exgampel canoe tovers tusental. Comentant comentants and gomplants gomplant. Somtids gous bild far like bagyard and then is too soap boilet. Struggel is struggel and not to sousage gonverts.

Struggel’s tiimels or somewere hideing piggs kan aqguire moreatriputtes like waster haling or cilender hopesliber. Maroons vine alla gaym’s timme and sometimme tryies that legontarie HMG:n (vot hellvett that is?) and tourable banssar’s timme. This menas bigg pussy and assolt. Piggs that possiton vant that bigg, drollabled arstiller-Mate, that ginpiggs so sakred. That assold badd boas bye and tryeing destroe everieting. Gaym’s inngetting is easir than making hay. That long that.

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Pigtures fromm game

Mandarins’ resurss gollekting devisse

In inlongging ressorsfontayn.

There is piggs’s hiva in alla handdsomness.

Pigg tink geting awey!

And it get awey.

If lokk kerfullie see pigg’s in inlonging.

Rehorse fontain on headd

Coms just orfan living in lonlines.

In rouf with pigg

Crap slibbed fron piggs. Againe goeing...

2003-01-16 – translatet 2008-02-04 från Pellevro Mäepnää

Tegst: Keino Sorkka. Pigtures: Erkki Sorkka

Reeders’ comets from Natural Selection

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